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Banned users can see chat, and they can update their profile. Why? I suggest that doesn't happen. And you clear Overload's profile.

And @Overload - Trachy was just doing his job. Tons of people are happy you're banned, and nobody really wants you to come back. That's what happens when you break rules and troll around. Begging the admin for a... 4th ( I think ) chance isn't going to do you much good.
Lol. Agreed ^
Josh's words of wisdom
Well Trachy PURPOSELY did that as there punishment. Kinda like a online way to 'torture' someone. ;)
**Hello**,  just testing a fix for the answer conversion. [Note: this needs to stay here for a few minutes so it counts as an edit]
Huh? I have no control over such aspects of the site. I believe that stopping banned users from coming on the chat might have been removed with the upgrade.

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I think this is fixed now, let me know if you see any banned users in there again.

I did indeed overwrite the chat program with an earlier version of the program. /facepalm
Luckily I had backups :)

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