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Should users be banned for trading hacked Pokemon in chat?

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So this has arisen. Apparently people think bans should be inacted for people who trade hacked Pokemon.

Reasons why I disagree with this:

  • You are responsible for your own trades
  • Trading is on Pokemon, not the DB
  • Hacked Pokemon don't do anything
  • I hack and trade all the time.
  • You shouldn't expect perfection from others...

Your call, Captain.

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Maybe just make seperate rooms like in Showdown... One for trading hacks, and one for trading non-hacks. This should resolve the issue, shouldn't it?
Showdown is DOWN.
A chat room just for hack trading? i don't think that will happen if I'm honest..
And besides, there isn't anything stopping people from breaking the rules and trading hacked Pokemon in the legit trading room.
i disagree...& agree.
see, you got a point, *BUT* it is very fustrating and those people should have some sort of punishment.  
you know the best punishment? **KICKBOT**. he can kick that anger for you! so, next time you let em' off the leash, build a time machine, and report em' to KICKBOT instead. here is the link to all things KICKBOT: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/8996/ban-report-do-your-part-to-help-the-site?show=8996#q8996

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