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Suggestion from dat LCB :3: Let Mods be able to take away certain privileges or abilities from users

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By which i mean being able to do things like stopping a user from being able to post in chat (not a kick) but still be allowed to use the Pokebase etc, so not a ban. Or stop certain users from being able to edit their profile or from posting on walls or even commentating or posting in certain sections. This way Mods can temporarily stop a bad action from happening if a user mistreats their privileges but doesn't deserve a ban, or has done little else worthy of one.

Probably crappy ik but I might as well post it. Anyway thanks for reading.

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Mew: will abuse it
trachy: will take it away from all other mods
DT: inactive
Mike: too dumb to know how to use it :P
Last but not least... Kyron: who will actually use this properly.
Good Guy Kyron, make the meme!
you forgot ninja :3
Who said mods could do it to other mods?
Good guy Kyron!

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