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As in the actual content of the profile. I ask this because recently there have been a few users using their profiles to try to either scam/get people to join their shady discord servers. In the past, banned users have used their profiles to spread horrible sentiments and filled them with profanity.

I know this is relatively uncommon, but it's happened enough to prompt me into asking for this again, and often enough for it to be a real (and frustrating) issue, so increased control over this would be a lot better.

If you're worried about the safety, I'd suggest only allowing mods this feature, meaning you'd have promoted us twice with the ability to ban users etc, so there just be enough trust there. Alternatively, you could allow us to just make a section completely blank rather than giving us the ability to edit the profile, and we'd only use this on banned users or after asking repeatedly for a bit of content to be changed. Also, you could make it obvious in some capacity that the profile has been changed if you're worried about us using the power to make a profile look bad in some way

Thanks boss.

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Yeah, we could have a “edited by _______” at the bottom of the users info to deter any mods abusing power in this way. :P

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There isn't a way to do this in the Q2A software at the moment, but it's something I can look into adding. In the meantime you can email me the link to any profiles that need clearing. (Best not to link to it from the site or anywhere public.)

Fizz sent me one earlier which I have now cleared.

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