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Ability to edit profiles.

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This includes everything. Even name would be useful.

This is annoying. http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/user/Whatson

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I agree.
Gliscurr has the right to complain as much as he wants. Editing his profile would only strengthen his argument. JCM was banned also btw.

However, on the whole I would like this to remove the profanities of the trolling profiles.
This whole banned / exiled thing from banned users is making us look bad. Mewicune, Green Scizor (Gliscurr oldie, he is acting like his old idiot self.), and JCM need to be forgotten.
It's a leftover from when he WAS unjustly banned. Ask him nicely to remove that part of his profile and I'm sure he'll comply.
Wow, i have been away for a really long time. And that profile is just stupid, i mean, its his opinion but this site does not have anything wrong.
Just want to add here, that I have read this and will look into it when I can. So no need to keep reposting it :)

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