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This way we do not have tons of counter questions going around. We could also just Edit them into the Moveset question posts. It would be a nice addition seeing that a certain site I can mention cough cough serebii cough cough mentions counters wildly out of tiers.

Example of a Bad counter list: Counters for Delibird, uhh Scizor, Tyranitar, Heatran...
Example of a Good counter list: Counters for Delibird, Ampharos, Armaldo, Charizard...

Just thought it would be a useful addition.

Note: Those are just small examples, I recommend them being more in depth like.. Cloyster: Cloyster usually runs Shell-smash, a good way to defeat it is to Paralyze it and thus cripple it, then proceed to damage it, special moves prove most effective. Jolteon is very good at this.

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Good counters for Delibird?
It was just an example.
A counter thingy. Could help if you have problems with a specific Pokemon.
I don't think this is really needed. Seeing how smogon is the central place for tiers (again nobody cares about PO tiers) and since what is a good counter for a Pokemon depends on what tier this is in, this should be left to smogon. smogon already has counters, and they are correct, so a user without much knowledge of Pokemon who is not able to figure out counters by themselves are just able to go to smogon.

While serebii does an awful job at things as usual, smogon's counters are spot on.
That does not mean we can not have them. When you think about it for most of the information on this site you could go to other sites, yet we still have them.
Yeh i agree with speed why should we send users off to smogon when we could provide our own bit lazy isnt it. Also thats where we send trolls if im not mistaken
I don't know about that. I think we should leave this sort of thing to smogon seeing as they are more orientated towards competitive battling and the DB is more of a general resource. Counters seem to go hand in hand with competitive analyses, which we do not have.

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I think having them as questions is fine. There is a bit of a grey area of what Pokemon should be asked about, same as the Pokemon A vs Pokemon B questions. As long as they are reasonably powerful Pokemon in their tier.

And like other requests for tiers/movesets on the Pokedex pages, I don't think they really fit in there.

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