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if you can't... the rules do kinda suck really badly.

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If you need any help for ingame teams, just go on the chat and get the opinions of people there. Look at Pokemaster's post for the reasons why we can't have ingame team questions.

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You can't. The rules don't suck. Ingame teams have too many variables to make a perfect team with.

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In game team questions are pretty useless, for a number of reasons:

  • It depends on what game you are playing. The Pokemon available are different in every single game (including paired games like Black+White because of version exclusives).
  • It depends exactly where you are in the game, as different Pokemon are available. A good team for a game is different after every gym and post-Elite 4. It's very difficult for people answering your question to know exactly what Pokemon are available at that point.
  • In-game teams are really not hard to make. Just catch a bunch of Pokemon in the areas you go through, look up what their stats/learnsets are like, pick a variety of types with decent stats.
  • You don't even need great teams anyway. If you're having trouble, just level up your Pokemon a bit more.
  • Legendary Pokemon make things even easier.

It's a complete waste of everyone's time for you to come and ask "are these Pokemon OK for [specific game X] at [specific part of the story]". Just play the game.

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