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It looks like a very random rule. Playing a game with 2-5 Pokemon is possible and often easier. Please don't question my curiosity.

Based on personal experience, I still find that overleveling 1 Pokemon and using it against everything is easier than always having to think about which Pokemon to use against each opponent.
Yeah, sure it’s easy, but it’s not any fun.
Then what is fun?
Playing the game with a decent team that doesn’t make the game too difficult or too easy.
Any 5-6 random Pokemon can accomplish that. If that's what everyone wanted, then we wouldn't need those questions.

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Because most people play with six Pokemon on their team, and find the threads most helpful if there are six Pokemon on the answers. You can debate the worth of it, but it won't change that reality.

The threads are set up intentionally to fit the average person playing the game. If we start allowing responses with variations that don't follow the norm, the threads become less helpful to people overall.

If you want to post a team with less than six Pokemon, mention a few sets people can use to fill the rest of the slots if they want. There is no need to use these threads to force a gamestyle upon people.

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