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I noticed that some editors close the questions and tell the asker to ask here instead, and other editors just leave them open. You guys want to continue enforcing different things or try to come up with a more universal rule?

One of several things I'm going to address in my thread about improving the RMT section. What I did on this question you probably saw is temporary, and a bit of a 'test' to see how people respond to the post:
I closed the questions because the thread exists already so they're basically just duplicate questions. It's my fault for not making sure that at least me, HT and Fizz were on the same page.

Mind you, not every auth has contact with each other, or at least not regular contact, so it's difficult to universally agree. There are going to be occasions where one of us has a different opinion or just didn't get the memo and acts independently.

Unlike a site like smogon which has real structure, we're just invidiuals going off our own agency and guidelines.

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