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I feel like it'd take a while to do, but it'd help stop (or at least lessen) the amount of moveset answers that aren't in showdown importable syntax, as most new users usually type out their movesets instead of importing them.

Nice suggestion (+1) but I think these could be the possible counter-arguments:

- Experts currently already handle new answers on moveset threads as its a part of maintaining quality on those threads.
- Users who don't post in Showdown! importable syntax usually don't come from Showdown!, and hence usually have movesets which aren't competitive. So an average reader will most likely not read those either way.
- It might make the question look more clogged (debatable).
I understand your first two points completely (Although for the second point, Experts+ still change those movesets to be importable regardless), but I feel like it's weird that its somewhat enforced, yet its not actually brought up on the questions. Editing all the questions to include this would probably clog up the main feed though.
If you looks at the lower answers of most moveset threads, you'll notice that those aren't edited by Experts. I'm not totally sure but I think its because they prefer editing top movesets of all threads rather than all movesets of a single thread. And yeah, its mentioned in the moveset guidelines META post, but not sure how many people read all of that.

(Btw it prolly won't clog up the activity feed that much -- it could be included while editing the answers of a thread. It'll just take a long time. The first point of my previous comment still explains why it isn't needed tho.)
babe editing doesn't usually work like that
Experts who are into editing MSQ/LCMSQ threads (like Volt Striker) usually edit a whole thread *completely*, which includes every answer. Editing the top answers is better than having to edit every answer, and is better in theory, but as far as I've seen Experts are expected to edit whole threads and not just new answers. I added a page which needed to be edited so I could get to it later, but right now I can only do new answers.

This doesn't feel like a big issue, as long as answers have all the details the syntax can be edited. I raised this issue in the staff server and Fizz replied (to why this isn't a formal rule) "we're still trying to compromise between the old answers and newer answers". The newer users can be given a warning on their walls, or answers can be hidden if they don't live up to the lowest expectations of having a proper syntax. On the whole, for new answers, I feel divided about it and it isn't a top-priority issue.
Interesting. So if Experts edit all answers on a moveset thread + newer ones right away when they're posted, then bad syntax shouldn't be that much of an issue, right? And as Carnelian mentioned, warnings on wall posts by staff are an option for repetitive bad formatting.

Tho I'm not quite sure what the line by Fizz means so won't comment anything about that.

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