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I noticed that the moveset thread says "What is a good moveset for Chansey or Blissey?" Why doesn't it just say Blissey, and have in the description that movesets for Chansey and Happiny are allowed? If you go to the moveset thread for Togekiss, it says that Movesets for any of it's previous evolutions are allowed. Is this the case for others beside the Blissey line? Even if it's not, why is this?

Because Chansey and Blissey are both consistently in either OU or UU. Most pre evos aren't used as often so there's no point, but Chansey is used
I didn't know their tiers. That makes sense.

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I believe it's because that in quite a few generations Chansey and Blissey have been in, Chansey is higher tiered. It may specify Chansey and Blissey on the moveset thread, instead of just Blissey, because of Chansey's popularity in competitive play. A slightly similar thing occurs with the Pikachu and Raichu threads. As Pikachu is extremely popular, it gets its own thread, instead of being lumped in with Raichu.

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Because they have a near exact same movepool, sets and role, a special blob. The only significant difference is the item held, eviolite, boots or leftovers. So, there really is no point trying to separate those two when like 90% of the time their moveset is gonna have seismic toss, toxic, soft boiled and whatever you wanna have for the last move