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Are these users selected because they have been good, or other reasons?
Mew :3 and Triceratops Rex are currently hilighted on Google.

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I am guessing that it is because those users are important or have a answer to the question in ....question....
or that they are important to the Question and answer and therefore comes up in the search. It could just be that the person is related to the Q in other Qs. This doesn't make much sense does it.....?
Not really, but I think I get what you are trying to say.
IKR, I saw this as well and was like "Whaa??"...

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What did you search for on Google?

It's likely that they happened to recently answer the question you were looking for. So as well as showing the actual question, they show a user page because that question is in their recent activity.

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For those they are probably shown because they are linked more across the site. Mew has many answers, maybe one of the most. Though for some reason it's showing an account called "Mew :3" ... did Mew create that after he changed his name back to regular "Mew"?
I believe that's a test account. Mew and trachy were using it for something.
I think it still shows up because all of Mew's answers used to point to the "Mew :3" user page of course, when that was his username. Google is probably slow at updating.
Or maybe its because I'm popular on Google :D
That's the more believable reason for this :D
I looked up "DracoArceus" and my user page was the first link on google.