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There appears to be some discussion and debate over what the title for Blissey's moveset thread should be and whether Chansey, previously considered superior to its evolved form, should still be mentioned. Smogon ranks Blissey higher than Chansey for the first time in years, so I'm okay with it, but I know moveset question formatting and asking is pretty strict on the DB.

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Imo it should be Bliss as
1. Bliss is superior to Chans this Gen.
2. Bliss is Chans's evolved form, and "Movesets for any of its pre-evolutions can also be shared on this thread." is almost on all MSQ's.
3. Your oppinion?
I really don't think it matters. Those two play in literally the exact same way with held items being the only difference so I think it's fine if they share the thread or mentioned at least

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I think the title should be about Blissey and not Blissey and Chansey.

Blissey's tier placement vs Chansey's. Blissey is OU, while Chansey is UU.

The most recent OU viability rankings put Blissey in A-, while Chansey is unranked.

National Dex puts Blissey in A+ (i'm pretty sure I recently saw someone want to nominate it to S again), while Chansey is in B.

Blissey is also ranked on the AG Viability Rankings while Chansey is not. The only Gen 8 meta where both are legal and that isn't an OM is National Dex AG.

Sumwun edited the thread because at the time, Chansey was the better Pokemon, but the table has been flipped now.

Also, I still do not see why it wouldn't just be "You can also post movesets for its pre-evolutions here".

Yep, what all you said.
Some of the other staff might disagree with me, but personally, I think it's worth mentioning the pre-evolution in the title of moveset threads where said pre-evolution sees significant use. While users familiar with the database know to look on movesets of the final evo if they want a set for a previous evolution, people who are less familiar with the site are still likely to come here looking for sets of popular prevos, so I think it's worthwhile keeping those extra-visible.
Chansey is still used more than Blissey in BSS, and UU is by no means a niche format. Now, neither Dusknoir nor Porygon-Z mention their prevos, so if we want consistency, we'd either need to change the Blissey thread back to only mentioning Blissey, or we should probably add Dusclops and Porygon2 to their respective threads.

I think Dusknoir and PorygonZ are fine as *they* are, because we'd have to discuss adding additional names every time a pre-evolution becomes meta (maybe there won't be anymore but there's the possibility in the future) and that just creates more debates. KRLW also makes the a point out of what my feelings are - I prefer consistency.

I could live with having the other applicable pre-evos if they're meta enough, but I believe less conflict will come if we just do the final form for everything.
I agree with KRLW. I would err on the side of adding prevos to the title, though I wouldn't be super bothered if things were left the way they are. I think mentioning both Chansey/Blissey at once is elevated by the fact they're almost the some Pokemon strategically, where that is not the case for Dusclops/Dusknoir or Porygon2/Porygon-Z.
Though, Pokemon that are different strategically existing on the same thread is an unfortunate by-product of our "all Pokemon from the same family in one thread" approach, and maybe in notable cases of that, it's good to have both Pokemon in the title to help advertise the way we organise things. A practical application of that is it would help with SEO since people probably search for Dusclops or Porygon2 sets often.
I'll also mention that we have a Pikachu moveset thread, so making a wholesale exception for the others wouldn't be unprecedented. It's a bit late to be doing that, though (and I'm sure it gets hairy as prevos come and go in relevance).