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Hi, I have noticed this forum on Q2a directory and this forum is really fast( I mean the time it takes to load)

I have been meaning to install a forum with wordpress, and Q2a seems the best option at this time.
It is very simple to use and I really want to go ahead with it.

How do you manage to keep your forum so fast.
Please answer assuming that I have no knowledge of php or mysql.
if there is a plugin or some modifications that you have made and you want to share it with me, kindly let me know
This is an awesome forum and I would really like my forum to be like this
I could not find appropriate tags to ask the question,

This question should be asked on the Meta, i think.
It is on Meta :P
I moved the question ;)
Thanks for moving it to the appropriate place

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I haven't done anything special to make it fast, it's just the Q2A software is pretty good.

The site is hosted on a dedicated server (including the non-Q&A parts) because the site is very popular and gets a lot of visitors.

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ok Pokemaster.
Thanks for the reply.
have you done anything for 404 pages and robots.txt?
You can check it yourself:
I just added a couple of lines.
I have a custom 404 on the main site, but Q2A just handles everything on Pokebase.