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How do you know that the english names you have on put the site are legit?

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The list was leaked about 3 weeks ago. After reading through it I realized it was impossible that a random fan could have come out with all those names. The references are way too clever for someone to just "make up" and a trick.

A few days after it was leaked, IGN "revealed" some new English names which matched the leaks. So I published those names on the site.

Since then, there have been many other Pokemon names revealed which matched the list, plus Joe ast Serebii.net posted the list - he never posts anything unless he knows it's 100% legitimate.

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Thats what I thought as well. interesting how this is one of the only sites that has all of them in english. and yeah when more names were reviealed they matched so its looking pretty true. besides its a month away how could they not have the english names yet?