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Here they are :

Professor Araragi: Professor Juniper
Hiun City: Castelia City
Chillarmy: Minccino
Gigaith: Gigalith
Munna: Munna
Hihidaruma: Darmanitan
Meguroc: Sandile
Mamepato: Pidove
Shimama: Blitzle
Gear: Klink
Encourage ability: Sheer Force
Overconfidence ability: Moxie
Pigeon Heart ability: Big Pecks
Sweep Slap attack: Tail Slap
Wild Bolt attack: Wild Charge
Telekinesis attack: Telekinesis

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He has already changed them

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I'd already changed the Pokemon names but didn't have time to do moves/abilities before I went out yesterday.

Thanks for posting.

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