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There's the question. Under Ferroseed, I typed in something, and "Mew" got Hyperlinked without me doing so. Clicking on it led me to: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/rmt/10062/LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

I don't know what happened.

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What the heck in your question when I went to edit to investigate its laid out like [mew] not the usual [mew][1] or whatever it is.
Also there are no links for it at the bottom... That's confusing

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I think it's because the [ ] makes a link. Like normally the bottom has [1]: website.com but in Markdown, you can use other stuff in place of the numbers. So [Mew]: LOOOL make a link to LOOOL.

Anyway, the solution is to put a backslash before the bracket, that makes it definitely show a bracket instead of treating it like a special character.

\[Like this\]

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