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Meowth/Persian isn't possible to obtain in Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu, so it seems. So it stands to reason that it should probably say something like "Unobtainable" or "Trade from Let's Go Eevee" rather than misinforming anyone who's looking for the location of the mon by telling them to use a mechanic that's not even in the game.

Yeah, I saw that with Tyrogue (oml PM why) too.
I think the locations on this site say "Breed" whenever the Pokemon isn't obtainable but the evolved form is. It doesn't check whether or not breeding really is possible in that game.
By the way, Persian is obtainable in LGP in Vermillion City.
Yep, this site is based on scripts that determine what to show in each field, so it’s not necessarily manual entry. It should be pretty easily fixable.

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Yes that's an auto-generated message that happens if a Pokemon is not available. It checks whether the Pokemon has an evolution or pre-evolution and says to evolve/breed as appropriate. But when programming it I never considered they'd remove breeding in a future game!

Anyway it's now fixed. LGPE has been a weird one, my code already has loads of "exceptions" for LGPE like not showing an Ultra Sun/Moon tab for Meltan, and not showing an LGPE tab for non-Kanto Pokemon.