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I don't THINK this has been suggested before. lol

For those of us who like competitive battling, damage calculators are very helpful. There are a few on the internet already, but it's hard to find good ones, especially as most require certain applications / only work for gen 4 / are often slow or down / are tedious to use. In case people don't know what they do, you basically input the two Pokemons' stats, the move used, and any abilities, status, or conditions that affect it. It then tells you how much damage that move will do.

IMO this would be a really helpful thing to have on the site. It could go on the "Advanced" tab. I understand if this is too much trouble for you, Pokemaster, but please consider it. Thanks :3

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this has been suggested before, but I still think it is a great idea
I know, I use that one myself sometimes. My point was, that one was down very recently and it would be cool for the site to have a reliable one.
What's a Damage Calculator???
He made a paragraph just for it...... =-=

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I hear you. It's one of the million things I plan on doing eventually!

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I understand there's a lot of stuff that takes priority, it's nice to hear it's being considered :]
Eventually = Forever.
Pokemaster has a load of stuff to do. He has a job, has other sites to manage, and hopefully has a life. So it'll take time.
That was exactly my point. I know there's other things he has to do. But it's nice to have it on the list at least.