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I see on the Pokemon Location Guide page (http://pokemondb.net/location) that there is no link for Hoenn: Aqua Hideout, stating that there are no wild Pokemon to be caught in that area. This is not entirely true.

Shortly after entering the hideout, there is a series of warp portals that lead to an office type room containing four Pokeballs. Two of these "balls" are actually wild Electrodes that will battle if interacted with. The ones I encountered were level 30 and can be caught.

This information would need to be updated on the locations section of Electrode's Pokedex page for Emerald, as well. (http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/electrode#dex-locations)

I have just recently started playing and this site has been a sort of Pokebible for me, so thank you to everyone involved for providing tons of useful and accurate information. That's why I felt it important to pass this information on, even if it does seem silly to create a link for just two pokemon in an enitre area :)

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yeah, there are electrodes there

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