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First I would like to start off by saying that my favorite parts of the Pokemon games are collecting and trading with fellow trainers. I am not a fan of battling, partly because I am not that great at it. With this being said I would like to suggest a Trading Center for this amazing website.

There is already a battle subway, so why not add a trading center for those of us who prefer trading/collecting over battling? Not only will the Trading Center be an organized place for trainers to trade but it will also attract more people to the Pokemon-db, building up an even stronger community.

One problem with only being able to trade through the public chat is that not everyone can be on at the same time to see who is looking for a trade. This way a trainer will be able to post if he/she is looking for a specific Pokemon and will be easily seen by other trainers looking to trade. Another positive is that the public chat wont be interrupted by trainers constantly asking for trades. It can all be done within the Trading Center section!

Thread Setup (Looking for or Offering)

L/O: Looking
Pokemon: Lugia
Level: 70
English/Japanese: English
*English/Japanese would be a way to tell if someone is Looking for or Offering a Pokemon who's name is in English or Japanese.

Just an idea to help add a new feature into this great site. I'd love to hear everyone's feedback.

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This site should have an entire Wifi center.
I think this should just be a question on the META.
This is the same thing as PokeBay and this is not a trade site....
This answer is kinda like an extended comment that was huge. I love your idea Dex Master. I think that it would be great. Except that a page yowould be better wher you enter what you are looking for(.e. what you said)except that it then would be posted on a large thread so that if another types in offering Lugia or whatever, all the peole who are looking for lugia show up. As soon as you find someone to trade with in the site, your press a link that automatically removes that option from the page and sends a message to both peolpe telling them that a partner has been found. This could work for both searching something that people are looking for and what peopl ar offering.
The huge comment is an extention on Dex Masters idea. If we are to get good pages we need lots of ideas to be put forward. And BTW Erichill, I have been here much longer thatn you.
Thanks for the link, JCM. Although this is still a Pokemon based website and it would only benefit to have this added.
It's actually a Pokemon based Q and A, not a Trading Center. More people here battle competitively.
If it's a "huge comment", then it should be a COMMENT and not an ANSWER. And for someone who has been here longer than me, you should know that. I couldn't tell. Your not PM, so you shouldn'tbe answering any of the META questions anyway.
P.S. The fact that you took my advice and converted your answer into a comment shows me that I'm right.
Besides, if you had an additional idea, you could have done what I and everybody else did, and post it as a comment in the first place.
Erick, anyone can answer meta questions. Just saying :3
Yeah but this question was for PM, and he wrote a comment, not an answer.
People besides pm can answer and you can't stop them dude.
I think this is a really nice idea, but about how this would work? That's something l'd like to know, and it would probably be very similar to the Chatroom.

I think as long as a lot of people actually want this (like the Battle Subway), Pokemaster might consider this.
Wow, when I ask this question, it gets shot down every time. But now that some other guy asks...

Wow. -_-

Definitely got my Upvote though, I've tried bringing this up twice.
Are people just hatin' on Gigs or wut?

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Yeah it's something I've considered. If I ever do the forum idea, I would definitely add this.

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Sounds good! I'd love to help with that!