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A few of us (Absol, Fizzcube, and I) were in chat, talking about how we have these awesome answers with no BA. I think there should be an Auto-BA system. Answer with the most Votes gets BA automatically.

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Is this only for PokeBase? Because it wouldn't work on Meta.
That sounds good, but the person who asked the question should be able to take BA off, in case they don't like the answer.
Yes, I agree with what both of you are saying. Kingdra is actually correct, this would work out badly in Meta, as for example the best tournament suggestion would get selected. Okay, thanks for pointing that out. And Pokeslash is also correct, they should be able to take off the BA, I actually hadn't considered that. Thanks you two.
You're welcome. It's a good idea, I hope Pokemaster agrees.
it was my idea -____- i asked PM about but he went AFK and never saw it
Not needed mods already go through resolved questions.
If there's a good answer clearly right and resolved just bring it up in chat I guess.
Moveset questions can't have ba's so the loop stops there.
This is not a very good idea.
Why should votes decide a BEST answer? The decision for Best Answer should be given to the person that asked the question. It will be resolved when they understand what they are looking for, not for an answer providing the most information that probably doesn't make sense to the person.
The one with more votes is probably a good answer, though.

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It doesn't matter if answers are marked as BA or not. Automatically marking the most upvoted answers as BA is meaningless, because they already have the most votes and are at the top.

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