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Registered users on the RMT(Such as myself) can currently re-tag questions, I'm assuming its a bug?

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At 500 you gain the ability to retagg, you can edit at 800 this is the same for Bs

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i think PM changed it though
A while back the editing was 500 on both then i hit meta and they decided it was to low so it was moved up to 800 though you could retagg at 500, there is a page for it somewhere lol
he might have changed it again though or maybe when all the site went down he accidently set it at a different number....All i know is giga cant retag and he has 318 while the person with 328 can i just made a estimated guess
I see where your coming from, Shx is an expert he can retag on all sections as can df they are the two closest to 500.
whoops forgot they were experts XD
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I made a couple changes recently. Here are the new required points for RMT:

Voting/flagging: 30
Down-voting: 60
Retagging any question: 500
Editing any question: 800
Editing any answer: 800
Editing any comment: 1500

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editing comments... 1500... oh god
Damn I can nearly edit comments
Though I'm sure most people hitting 1500 are experts so already can