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Whenever I try to add the "time" tag to a question and click "save changes", the tag disappears. All other tags get saved properly.

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Huh, you're right. That's weird.
hmmm but you can use the almighty "lolwhy" tag
There are a bunch of tags that delete themselves or switch to a different one, but yeah I can’t think of why ‘time’ is a problem. It’s useful, since it relates to anything where the time of day is relevant, e.g. evolutions or berry growing.
What Fizz said is probably the reason. In that case, this question kind of becomes a suggestion to add the "time" tag. When a word is the name of a Bulbapedia article, I would think it's relevant to Pokemon.

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Sorry I completely misunderstood what you meant! Thought you were talking about HTML.

I’ve stopped the time tag being removed on questions now. I’d copy-pasted a list of the most common words to prevent tags like ‘the’ or ‘and’ being used, and ‘time’ was amongst those.

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