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I'm not doing this to copy Josh or anything I'm just tired of people crying about points on there. I mean it's useless, most of the information used there is copy and paste.
I would like my points ONLY on Pokebase to be reset so 0 since for me RMT and META have a bit of meaning.
Thanks in advance if you do reset my points to 0. If not sorry for bothering you :)

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If anyone is wondering why I don't want to reset my Meta or RMT it's because for RMT I want the points to start editting in sprites for people and to fix annoying typos in people questions. For Meta I'd like to keep it as it is to show contribution to the site (not including answering questions on Pokebase)
Just making it clear i'm wanting my points to reset not only to show that points don't matter, but also to show that people are arguing over something so materialistic that has almost no meaning at all.

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Sorry, no. I know this is only the second request but I don't want it to become "a thing". I only did it for Josh as a joke, which I have now removed (he doesn't have much activity on Pokebase recently anyway).

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