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The N-Word should definitely be censored on every part of the site. As well as all racist languadge.

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Of course, trachy :P
I just think that racism is horrible, and shouldn't be tolerated.
Well, if it's used in a non-racial context, like DT and Ninja said, I think it's ok xP
i think it depends on your relationship with the other person. i call one of my best friends a "creepy ginger" all the time, but he knows its more a term of endearment than anything. however, if the use of such terms offends other bystanders, it is wrong. keep in mind that if you are at work flirting with a female co-worker who is 100% ok with it, but the devout religious lady at the next table overhears you say she's whatever term you want to use for "attractive" and is offended enough to go to HR, you cab still get fired for Sexual Harassment or what have you based on the topic if conversation in question.
What n word?

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I censored the n-word. It has a pretty long and complex history, and is rarely used in a non offensive manner.

If there is anything else I missed, let me know and I'll consider censoring it.

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well the thing to remember about racial slurs is they are also somewhat colloquial. Porch Monkey is used more in the deep South while N*gger is used fairly universally, and Spook is used more in the East Coast area. I live in Utah so N and Jiggaboo are the most commonly used, but im sure if you live in CA it may be completely different.
SD, just drop it. Words can be used without racist intention.
Ninja, we're just having a friendly debate-chat. And some jokes (such as the syrup thing).
@ Ninja: if you read my last comment under Pokemasters answer, i said if you have a relationship it can be a friendly joke, i also believe that even if your black friend is 100% ok with being called yo n*gga, it can still offend others who hear the use of the word, and that is where the problem is. as long as anyone within earshot/eyeshot is fine with it then its not offensive. but if any one IS OFFENDED than it IS OFFENsive.
Surely nobody took any of what I said as an actual suggestion? They are old racial slurs, which is why they seem outdated.