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how can we downvote i had read that it was available to only some voters how to become one of them is there some kinds of points there are many unanswered questions regarding points and how to see those points and how to earn and lose them THANKS the link gave me most of the information neeeded

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Yes, you need a certain ammount of points to downvote. In pokebase, it's 100 points, in here it's 40 and i'm not sure about rmt. But others will post a comment to help you with that.

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but how to see those points and how to earn and lose them  UltimateFlygon
Look where it says "Hello Abhe" click on abhe and here:http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/202/how-many-points-do-you-get-for-each-action This link should help tell you how to get or lose points.
Once you click Abhe scroll down to where it says Abhe's points. It'll say this:
blank(there should be numbers here) (ranked (numbers here too)
THANX but how to earn and lose them
Look at the link on top. The answer will tell you everything.