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I have an idea to help with senseless down-voting. I have a pretty good feeling that it comes from people who have no idea whatsoever that down-votes shouldn't be given on personal preferences. A such, is there any way that you can make it so that only members who have gained 100 points or more are the only ones able to give out downvotes? Or we can always go with a "show who voted and in what way" system, that'd work in conjungtion with my first suggestion and make senseless down-voting nonexistant, among both members old and new!

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I think down-voting should force you to comment, so that you have no choice but to show why you down-voted.
I have a suggestion: If you Vote down Yious should be made to answer the question yourself
Ike, what if you KNOW it's a bad answer, but you do not answer the question yourself? That wouldn't work well.


Q: Where does Proffessor Oak go to when he needs to pee?

Now wouldn't you want to down vote that down, although you don't know the answer for sure?
how about showing who voted down what

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I had planned exactly that, actually, and it will be possible fairly soon. (Although the user that voted you down had way over 100 points so it may not help in every circumstance.)

I also like Will's idea of encouraging people to comment why it was down-voted.

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It was MY idea !!
Who was it? pokemon?
Can we just eliminate down-voting? It's really discouraging to give advice if junkbags like to continually ridicule your input and experience.
Well, if you're being down-voted, it should be for good reason. The point is for wrong answers to show themselves and hopefully for members to want to answer better.
i think they should have at least 1000 pts to vote. that way we someone with epierience can tell us if we had a good/bad question/answer
1000 is way too much ninja, there would be so few members that would be allowed to down vote! l think maybe 300, or 400 should be enough.
ok 400 would be good so you know you were down/up voted for a good reason
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its all good idea but only one defect first those people 'dominate' the site

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