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This is just a suggestion, but on the pokemon pages it seems like there's all the information anyone would ever need- except for how many steps it takes to get an egg of that species to hatch. (Sometimes you walk around with an egg for so long, you start to think it's a dud, even though you know that's impossible.) I realize that to equate that data would be very time consuming, but if other members express intrest in the idea, I'd be happy to help.

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I thought it was 256 steps or sommething. It's probably more.
To Swamper44:  It varies for each line of evolution.  For example, an Eevee egg takes many more steps to hatch than, say, a Bidoof egg.

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Hey Fritjof, long time no see!

Yeah that's a great idea and something I never got round to adding, so maybe I'll do it soon! I plan to add EXP points and stuff too.

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If you don't mind, I'll start working on the 1st generation (I can do others too, just that way people don't wind up overlapping)