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Forgive me if this isn't the right place I just thought I'd point out this error;

For example, I'm playing GBC game pokemon silver. I want my Rhydon to learn rock slide.

If I look on Rhydon's page (Rhydon) I click on gen 2 moveset (Rhydon G2 Moves) for possible moves that Rhydon can learn and Rock Slide is listed but then when I click the link to go to the rhydon egg moves page (Rhydon Egg Moves) I don't see rock slide in the list. Instead Rock climb is listed in its place. And this seems consistent for all pokemon that have rock slide as an egg move that Rock climb is listed and not rock slide. Hope this reaches somebody who can fix it.


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Technically, the site is displaying Rhydon's learnset accurately. The issue is that the detailed egg moves page does not display Rhydon's Gen 2 learnset; instead, it displays its Gen 7 learnset. Rhydon can't learn Rock Slide by breeding in Gen 7, so it is absent on the page. Rock Climb is not the issue, the names are just similar.

I don't blame you for the way you interpreted the listings though, as it's definitely confusing that the link on the Gen 2 page forwards to a Gen 7 list. I'm not in a position to do much about it though, as the site is run by another person (who'll likely see this thread and address it himself when he's able).

For now, there are other resources on the net which can help with past-generation egg move compatibility. According to this, Rhydon can inherit Rock Slide from Larvitar, Pupitar and Tyrantiar in Gen 2.

Yeah this is an interesting problem, not sure of the best solution. Adding a separate page for egg moves for every pokemon for every gen seems a bit overkill.

Potentially I could add Rock Slide to the current page as a “legacy” move. But there’s also the issue of existing moves that have different parents in older gens (example: Sandshrew is not a parent for Magnitude in gen 2).

Perhaps doing something like Bulbapedia and showing the parents on the gen 2 learnset page is best.
Ah guess I didn't need to post this, apologies.
Having the separate pages for each generation would be intuitive, but I agree it's a niche interest and maybe not worth the few thousand extra pages it would create. I think you're right that copying Bulbapedia's approach makes sense, though it might be a squeeze to fit it all in.