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It will look better if it isn't partly covered by the search bar and if all of it is in the Pokebase/Meta/Battle Subway header.

Battle Subway when you are in the Pokebase or Meta, Meta when you are in Battle Subway.

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But it isn't covered by the search bar.
mine is
I don't know if it differs on what you use, but mine is partly covered not by the search bar but by the box which contains the profile stuff and the search bar.
mine is too.

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Which browser are you using? Can you post a screenshot if possible? I think it may look bad in older versions of Internet Explorer but it should be fine for 99% of users.

EDIT: just checked in the most recent version of IE and you're right, it does mess up a bit. I will try and fix this.

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So do you still need a screenshot?
Nope, I can see the problem on my work computer so I'll fix it when I get a chance.