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So, if I can ask only 4 questions a day, and I ask 2 questions on Meta, and 2 on Pokebase, does that mean I'm done for the day, or is it 4 for each? Sorry, I know that this isn't very relevant since the site went down and everyone is asking about that.

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There are limits:

  • 4 PokeBase Questions per hour, or 96 questions a day.
  • 2 RMT questions per hour, or 48 questions a day.
  • 2 Meta questions per hour, or 48 questions a day.
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Ok, thanks I think I read that on meta it's 4 per something-or-other. I'll wait to give you BA, since you have to confirm Meta.
I confirmed it already.
It is actually 4 on Pokebase.
Woops, sorry about that.
Thanks Pokemaster, Mew :3.