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I am on meta and then I switch to Pokebase but for some reason I get logged out and then I switch to meta to find out I am logged out on meta too!

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This has happened to me before. Did you clear your history/cookies while signed in?
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I haven't had this problem. You're possibly on private browsing? If you are and you didn't click the keep me logged in box, It might not save your presence (I guess is the way to  describe it (don't judge me I'm slightly hungover)) and it will log you out every time you switch areas.
You had Trachy's beer, PX?
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Oh it does not happen any more on meta but it does on battle subway

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Strange, I can't think of any reason that would happen. I tried logging in only on Meta, then going to Pokebase but I was still logged in.

If it happens again, try and remember exactly what you did to make it happen.

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