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Alright, this will most likely be a tribute to my bud, Mew, but it is still a promotion request. Look, I know you(Pokemaster) said you aren't going to apppoint any new Mods any time soon, but let us look at the statistics:

  • Mew has 37,410 points, surpassing half of the Mods in rank. He is in the top 5 users in all sections.
  • He has contributed in the Meta, consisting of several Ban Reports and ideas that can improve the PokemonDB overall.
  • He has the respect of almost all the active DB Users, which makes it ideal for the promotion.
  • Noting the fact of being very active throughout the day, this helps when trouble spells in the "Dramabase".

Let us also note that some of our fellow Mods, like DT and Will, are no longer really with us in the DB. This means we need someone to take their place. Let me be honest, the current Mods are not really active, and I think that Mew can fill that gap of activity. He can also be a trusted in obtaining the position as he is no newbie(Though he always thinks otherwise). I have heard of the quote(If ev,eryone has power, then no one has power", but with Will gone, there needs to be a void filled. Let us introduce a new Mod to DB Pokemaster, let us start a new era in the DB. Let the revolution begin! Mew as Mod!!!!

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OMG, I've been WAITING for someone to do this!
Can I get an amen? WOOOOOOOOOOOO
I should be a mod too xD jkjkjk. Seriously though, Mew deserves this.
Yeah Mew!! He should be a Mod! +1!
Now I am gonna call him Mewderator xD.

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Actually I have been thinking about this for a while, as I saw Mew is very active and all-round awesome member.

So Arceus passeth down thy command, Mew becometh a Moderator!

There is an explanation on this question about your new-found powers and how to use them (responsibly). Just be sensible and keep enjoying the site.

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Congratulations to Mew!
Thank you lord Pokemaster! :P
Thanks, Pokemaster!
>< I'm next in line.
Asks for a promotion...leaves the site xD