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This question is on Unanswered section but has the 0 answers in green like it has BA.

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Just want to point out that the two answers are correct. The BA'ed was that of the asker and it was just a list of his current berries growing. i converted the answer into comments. Later Pika answer with the same list of berries as a joke and received BA'ed i then converted that into a comment too.

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This is because the question was answered and BA'd, then the BA'd answer was hidden.

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Thanks for the info guys but I already knew that.
Then why did you ask? lol
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This is when someone answered the Q, it was given BA, and then it was hidden. This isn't common, but it's happened before. I don't know why though. I'm not sue if this is a glitch, it probably is and probably will be fixed by Pokemaster soon. Though in my opinion it's kind of funny.

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