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1.) Whenever I try to do something, sometimes it will say “you do not have permission to perform this operation”.

2.) I had enouhg points for it on the right community (i checked)

3.) wutt?”?????

What "somethings" are you trying to do?
Did you get banned?

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Alright, here's the lowdown.

The reason you're getting blocked from using the site is that you're trying to connect to the site from an IP address that we have banned. For the uninitiated, an IP address is a unique number that is associted with the network device you use to connect to the internet, and will be identical if you use different devices to connect to the same network. We use IPs to track people who register multiple accounts on this site, which is not allowed.

The reason the IP you're using is blocked is because it was used by EvilTwinNeedle aka ETN, who is a user we banned several months ago. This is the person you asked me about through your wall. The reason you can post sometimes, but can't in other times, is you're not always connecting to the same network we banned. Your account itself has no bans associated with it, so it will work normally if you don't use ETN's network.

You're likely wondering what this means for you, and unfortunately that's where I have to be the bringer of bad news. As ETN is a user we would not like to return to this site, we're never going to unban that address -- nor the other ones associated with him. This means you will continue to get the 'you do not have permission' message.

I'll let you be privy to another thing: as a moderator, I can't trust you aren't ETN using another account. Your quick acquaintance with the goings on in this community, and early interest in ETN himself, is odd. ETN had a tendency to create multiple accounts, as well as an enjoyment stuffing us around as mods: hopefully you can understand from our perspective that this situation sounds a lot like another one of his stupid jokes.

With all that said though, I'm going to give the benefit of the doubt here: either you're an honest new account, or you're ETN with a well-performed troll. The latter is impossible as far as I'm aware, so my decision is already halfway made. ;)

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Oh, ETN again? This person is probably one of the last people I'd expect to be ETN, since he never made an alt ever since his perma-ban.
Octalamari how did u write your name all weird like that

P.S. I’m actually not eviltwinneedletm
I used this site: It's the 2nd font down if you were wondering.
"Either you're an honest new account, or you're ETN with a well-performed troll".