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This would be a cool upgrade to the Favorites feature you gave us. By making it visible, this will help clear the suggestion about adding a Friends list, and also showing what type of Questions you like. If you do this, this can revolutionize the really obscure feature. By adding this, it can also pose as a Like feature similar to what Facebook has, by listing it in the Recent activity page, by making it say what you favorited, or liked.

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+1, I like this!
I agree, +1. This seems like a good idea.
Make it so it doesn't show friends because then people will be sad that they are not on someone's favorites ie. If Rio forgot to put me I would be a bit upset getting the wrong idea.
I'm with Ayan. Plus, sometimes I put people's profiles on my faves just 'cause I want a quick link to them, 'cause they have a funny quote or something. They aren't always my friend. So I'm kinda against this.
oh like how i wansn't featured in that big-ass biography on your profile Ayan, lolz.

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This is a good idea. Since I am taking over the development of the Q&A software we use, I will think about adding this in.

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You're becoming head dev :o?