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The tag system may be usefull for Pokebase but on the Battle Subway they are not very helpfull. Sure it is a good way to find all the Ou teams that people bothered to tag "Ou" but the tags are duplicated and there are alot of self made tags that are not related to the team or specific team members. They are not needed and personally i think removing the tag system for Bs would be the best idea and replacing it with a system where you are almost forced to add it to a section that would be on the questions bar.

When you press questions it comes up with something like this
Hot Recent MostViews MostVotes
Maybe if we added to this
Hot Recent MostViews MostVotes Ubers Ou Uu Ru Nu Lc Mono Other
This should speak for itself really but it is more orginized and is a much easyer way of finding an Rmt. It prevents people from creating tags and would just look more simple really.
You would effectivly tag your team in the correct section (ironic right)

With the free slot avalible if tags was to be removed a new mini section could be made for people willing to do analsyses for the site. That would be a nice addititon.

Simple suggestion not groundbreaking but it would be a nice change as Rmt tags honestly are not useful.

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This may be fixed when the forum is eventually done.

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