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What are all the question that you ask and you can answer? I konw you cna answer w/ moveset Qs...

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You can answer any question, if you have the answer. Movesets questions are for everyone so of course you can post answers.

But for regular questions, if you ask it and then find the answer yourself later, you can post the solution. This is rarer because someone else almost always knows the answer anyway.

Note that you don't get any points for giving yourself best answer.

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Only you can answer moveset questions of your own.Or if you have asked a question and for so many weeks,if no one found an answer for that and you seem to have finally found an answer,you can answer it.But you cant BA or upvote yourself.

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I never heard you could do that...
it is true.I have seen many questions like that
Yes you can answer it so that others can see the answer, but you cant BA it
yup:d told ya