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We NEED a swear ban!!! I an 10 and dont wanna hear (or read) anything LIKE what I see! Please upvote or comment if u agree.

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Please explain further
ok. like rude stuff is ****'ed or just missed out like even if its in a sentence.
The sit doesn't tolerate swearing anyways. wtf and stfu is swearing but is not saying the actual word and is no where near good to say but is okay. if somebody says FUC*, that is also BAD but not totally breaking rules. Again this is not gonna get you a good reputation but is allowed. if someday somebody says FUC* without the *, THEN that is when real problems start. I am sorry for using the F word, but these are just examples.
and no offense, middle school is gonna be rough if you are that easily offended....
^I'd upvote that if I could. @ SD's comment. Grow up, guys!
ha you can just upvote the next team ir answer i post JCM :P

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Swearing is censored so you shouldn't see any (or very little) swearing.

But this site isn't really intended for 10 year olds, sorry.

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I totally agree SD, pokemon  is a very strategy based game, and so this site is best for older people, but then again why should there be any swearing. Cause it sounds like you are giving an excuse to it
no im not, but there's a difference between being classy and being priggish. i mean if some one calls you a C U Next Tuesday or Male Chicken Sucker or something; that's not cool. but if someone says "Scizor kicks ass" or "Damn you trachy, you paralyzed my Deoxys-S!!" ... well at that point i think its over reacting. maybe censorship is different everywhere, but in the US at least they say damn hell ass god **** Jesus and douche(bag) on day time television. 8 year olds see it all over. i understand not using words you only find on Showtime, HBO; Quentin Terentino movies, ICP songs, and porn... but is saying damn really hurting anything? plus i get it if its every post, chat message, comment, UN etc. but i myself have a very loose tongue when it comes to using profanity. i am hard to offend so idc myself. but i understand withholding the more... colorful... parts of my usual verbiage. lets just keep it in context, alright?
Everybody should grow up, honestly.
JCM methinks you hit the nail on the head
Indeed. I agree SD. And I also agree with JCM.