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Here, think about it. If we had a seperate profile for users in the DB League, they could post their badges, the stuff from their normal profiles, and what they think of the League. There may even be a seperate section for it, like :PokeBase, RMT, and Meta, then "League". All things about the League would go there. You would sign up there if you wanted to participate. (Everything would be the same about your account, this would just put you in the League section). Only people who wish to face the League should sign up, to avoid confusion(and people hurting themselves XD). Possibly each Leader could have a special question, as well, where Challengers would answer. These questions would be the same as the GL's answers to the DB League question. What do you think, DT, Pokemaster, or others who helped with the League?

Nice idea, though League could be part of the Meta
The idea sounds nice, but the DB league is DEAD.

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Part of the reason I took so much effort to compress everything was so that Pokemaster wouldn't have to go to extra effort. The only record keeping needed is who's the gym leader (covered in a single post), the badges earned by people (which you can already put on your profile and will be recorded on the respective gym leader's page), and announcements (which are covered via the google doc which gets live update)

If you want to challenge someone, you just put a comment on the gym leader's answer, hence why I told all of the leaders to make an answer post; combined with the feature we already have, they'll see the challenge in their updates as well as in the recent activity in the meta. I already go through the main thread for questions and concerns, so it's all in one easy place to keep track of.

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Ok, the League Profiles could be cool though.