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So, we know there is a DataBase league, but there are people who probably can't preform well in the league, so I thought how about a Wi-Fi league instead. The person could play the Wi-Fi league if they have B/W 2 B/W or D/P/Platinum. I thought this would be a good idea for thoes who don't preform well in a DataBase league but preforms well in the original games.
Hope this idea is good, and thanks for reading!

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There are a few reasons why this wouldn't work:

-The League is hardly successful, as there isn't enough interest in that sort of thing.
-Wi-Fi is a less popular form of battling.
-Not as many of our top battlers do Wi-Fi battling, so we wouldn't have as high a skill level for the gyms.
-Wi-Fi tournaments haven't been successful in the past.

Because of these reasons, I can't see a Wi-Fi League in the future.

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Oh, I see... Thanks...