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Is it bad if One types and One talks?

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When ever me and some one batttle or trade, we can hear each others voices through our ds or dsi. But some times people(like me)dont like to talk and rather type but the person on the other side talks. So say im in chat roombut its empty, im also battling some one, So im typing and he/she is talking, but he/she is still watching the computer screan to see what I say. Whould you call that spaming. bacause I thought chat room was made for battlers and traders to talk to eachother about it and type while battling

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Yes, it's fine to use the chat room while you are battling. Often other people are interested in the battles - I usually post a commentary so others know what's going on.

(Funny, I only realised after using wifi battles 10 times that you could talk to people, I always had the volume right down so didn't know).

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