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I am once again proposing that staff have the ability to remove messages from the chatroom. It would be much easier to hide NSFW content and suspicious links in a dead chatroom that way

I suggest all staff, including Experts, to have this

Someone literally just posted their phone number in chat so I am once again desperately bumping this. Just let me delete messages instead of spamming. Please. I’m begging you.

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@Aaaaaaaaa clearing flags because there's a precedent of META duplicates being allowed after enough time has passed since the original suggestion.
I like this suggestion, but I’m not sure about experts. I understand that 6000+ isn’t achieved by users with NO self control, but remember how dumb I was (and arguably still am but I’m going to be editor “soon” so I guess I’m doing something right) when I got expert? I’ve seen conflicts between experts in the chat, and I feel like it could be abused.
@As, I thought about that too. But at the same time, if powers are abused, they can just be taken away since it would just show the user isn’t ready for that responsibility in general. It’s a pretty minor thing to abuse, esp if there’s like a limit on messages able to be deleted at a time. Mass deleting irrelevant messages is very minor in comparison to spam editing hundreds of posts and deleting the contents. I feel like if we can’t trust a user to not delete chat messages when not needed, they shouldn’t have editing powers to begin with
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I will bump this every time someone had to spam chat to remove an NSFW message.

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