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I would like to put forward a suggestion in the interest of making the Database easier to maintain. This will allow users to report inappropriate behaviour in more easily. This user complaint page will serve as a place where a mod could watch over the honest users and make everyone's jobs easier. Users could report such behaviour to the mod in control of the page and ask them to look in to the matter to determine if it is a misunderstanding, a one time only complaint or a repeat offence. The complaint would be something along the lines of....

"so-and-so has made an inappropriate remark towards so-and-so. I would appreciate if the matter was looked into or at least so-and-so would be issued a warning by a mod. The offence was committed in (for example chat or a particular question in the pokebase) Thank you."

I understand that it will not be as simple as this but I am sure that a secure environment where people can issue complaints and make it easier place to take care of.
I will add detail and edit information if necessary. Thank you for your valuable time.

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We have a ban report for the more major offenses. And for minor things you should talk it out with the other person. If the mods get involved over such trivial disputes, the problem will not be solved, the animosity will still exist. If you are still unable to resolve your issues, go to a moderator on chat, and we'll try to mediate. We're incredibly logical people (even someone as insane as me) and we can probably make everybody see reason.

Also, as has been mentioned by both DT and myself numerous times, a page for this kind of thing where we can let users comment and complain ends up with the situation escalating. The ban report is kept because of its continuing usefulness in bringing more major issues to the attention of the moderators, but even then I constantly keep an eye on it so as to hide the many comments added that just end up making matters worse.

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I see...well thank you anyway and I appreciate what you guys do for this website.