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Is it possible to have a friends page, because you said that we can orginise trades in the chat room, but theres multiple conversations going on in there.

So I think we should be able to add friends and put our friends on a friends page, it should say if there online or not, and if they are we should be able to use a private chat (like what they have on facebook) so we can orginise trades and stuff in private, also if you can be able to send messages to friends if there offline.

:D Sorry for the big desscription, and its just a suggestion :D

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I think thats a good idea ( to my surprise) . I just think, the only bad thing about is someone might add almost everyone on the sight.
I see what you mean but if someone does that there sad, also it should be like what they have on xbox or ps3, both users have to agree to be friends :)

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Well thought I may as well answer some old questions here :D

Thanks for the suggestion, but this probably won't be happening. It's too easy to cause friction between members, and there's no real benefit to it.

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