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Like a section where the users can post some interesting facts relating anything to pokemons!!

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every single post that has 'section' in it reminds me of black ops.

Use your profile.
Until the forum is up, this probably won't happen.
I would prefer if it wasn't up...at all.

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Okay. I've seen requests like this before, and all the time, the response is: "No. It will degrade into... (random garbage that makes absolutely no sense and is very restrictive)." So, probably not.

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Did you know that Magikarp is the only Pokemon to learn just Splash, Tackle, and Flail by level-up?
Did you know that Caterpie learns Tackle, which does not get STAB? Meanwhile, Weedle learns Poison Sting, which is STAB.
Did you know that Mew is both a Pokemon and a user on this site?
Did you know that Ivysaur is the second Pokemon in the National PokeDex?
Did you know that Pokemaster wants to be a registered user?
Did you know that the word "trachy" has an "a" in it?
Did you know that Charmander is a Fire type?
Did you know that Magikarp is the only Pokemon that cannot have STAB on any of its moves?
Did you know that Iron Fist boosts the power of Mach Punch?
Did you know that Solrock is the only Pokemon that learns FIre Spin via Level up that is not a Fire type?
Did you know that Sawk is the only Pokemon to learn Rock Smash via Level Up?
Did you know that Scyther loses Speed upon evolution?
Did you know that Mime Jr. evolves into Mr. Mime?
Did you know that Rotom is the only Pokemon that has the Electric / Ghost typing?
Trachy, this is the garbage =InfiniteSkies= was talking about XD
http://thanksbulbapedia.tumblr.com <-- that's what we would end up like.
As is said, randomness
Got your point, bro!