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I was trying to get the properties of a sprite to use for Gravatar and I saw the tops of a few
letters when I clicked on it but I couldn't read it. Can someone fix this?

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Please add more detail. What page were you on? What did you click on?
I was on the meloetta sprite page and it happened when I clicked on the shiny aria form
Hmm, not really sure what the problem is, sorry. Could you maybe take a screenshot? Instructions here if not sure how: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/13578/how-to-add-a-screenshot-to-a-question-answer
I was talking about the pop-up when you click on the sprite, so I don't think you can take a screen shot of that.

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Oh you mean this?

Yeah, that's normal. Instead, right click the image, and press "copy image url" to get the link for the gravatar.

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Celebi > Mew
mew > celebi!!!