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I know it goes away after getting a certaint amount of points, but I think instead it should go away after the user has been registered for at least two or more weeks instead. That way it dosn't get so repetative for certain users.

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If u get more points, that goes away
I still have that damn banner on Meta. >.<

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I see your point, if you've been here a few months it could be annoying to have stuff like that on the page. I think I'll change it.

Part of the reason is that if you still have less than x amount of points, you haven't had many upvotes so maybe you should read the rules to make sure you're doing things right.

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Is this really a big problem?
It's not. It is a friendly welcoming and if you can't deal with it then answer some questions.
I think you are the only person who is complaining about it, so i don't think this is ruining the DB at all.

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Not really Scizor. A lot of people have pointed this out and are getting a bit annoyed by it. It isn't a big problem but sure can be fixed to be better. And when you say friendly and welcoming, don't you mean forever until you get points?

TBH, I don't see much point in you answering this...
Sciz has a valid point.
Except for that little issue of over saturation and repeating the same material with a bit of rephrasing. You can welcome people by actually welcoming them rather than beating a dead horse by putting in so many rule pages and explanations that they most likely won't read through since they can't see them in the sea of meta posts.
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