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Ok,so on my Meta, this thing doesn't show up.But on the regular Poke'base, it's still on there.Is it a certain ammount of points to make it dissapear?

strange...for me it's the meta and the battle subway, and not the pokebase. maybe it's a certain amount of activity you need to do...
I have 66 points in Meta,and 42 on regular, maybe you need fifty points?
I'm not sure how many you need, but once you get a certain amount of points for that section the bar will go away. This is nothing out of the ordinary you just need a few more points.
If i'm right with the second comment I made i'll only need 8 points.

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It disappears when you get around 50 points in PokeBase, 30 on Battle Subway, and it doesn't come on Meta. Hope this gives you a point goal :D

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It does give me a point goal! Thanks!
My point goal in an UPVOTE. So I can pass Dr.Flame :P
Actually, It's 80 on pokebase now